Cosmetic Filling Replacement

Cosmetic Filling Replacement

The philosophy on fillings has changed in recent years. Metal fillings are a thing of the past. Current fillings are mercury free. They’re made from a composite of tooth-colored, safe materials. We’ll remove your unsightly old fillings and replace them with great looking new ones. At Fischer Family Dentistry, we’ll help you get the smile you always wanted.

Problems with Metal and Mercury

Old amalgam fillings contain metals like mercury, silver, and tin. Mercury is toxic to the human body. In modern dentistry, it’s no longer used for fillings. More studies are needed to assess the possible negative effects. To be on the safe side, dentists use non-toxic materials to create filling replacements. When your metal fillings are no longer serving a purpose in your mouth, we recommend you have them removed.
Many people have concerns about the effect of mercury on their health. Others may have allergies to the metals used in their fillings. And many patients simply dislike the unnatural look of metal fillings. If you’d prefer the natural look of tooth-colored fillings, look no further than Fischer Family Dentistry.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Tooth-colored composite fillings are the way of the future. We’ve replaced many patients’ old fillings with this superior version. Say goodbye to grey looking, discolored teeth. Our new fillings reflect light the same way that your actual tooth does. This makes it almost impossible to notice the filling.

Composite fillings also strengthen your tooth, instead of just filling in the cavity. Their insertion also involves less drilling than a traditional filling. They bond with the tooth itself, which means less of it will be removed. And they won’t age as quickly. An aging amalgam filling may allow decay to enter the tooth. We want to help you before it reaches that point. Make an appointment today, and we’ll assess your situation. We’ll be honest and let you know if cosmetic filling replacements are right for you.

Cosmetic Filling Replacement
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