Oral Health

Embracing a New Year of Dental Excellence:

Embracing a New Year of Dental Excellence: Renovations, Trusted Treatments, and Exceptional Care at Fischer Family Dentistry Welcome to Fischer Family Dentistry, where your smile is not just a part of our job; it’s the heart of our passion for exceptional dental care. At Fischer Family Dentistry, we believe in more than just treating teeth, we

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Healthy and unhealthy gums

Join Your Garden City Dentists in Celebrating Gum Care Month

We are excited to highlight September as Gum Care Month and share how Fischer Family Dentistry is celebrating this vital aspect of oral health. Join us as we explore the significance of gum care and how we’re dedicated to promoting healthy smiles all month.   Why Gum Health is Important Gum health is a fundamental

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Garden City Dentists

Celebrate National Toothbrush Day with Your Garden City Dentists

At Fischer Family Dentistry, we focus on preventative care because good oral health starts with healthy teeth and gums. The most important tool to help you achieve healthy teeth and gums is the toothbrush, and on June 26th, we’re celebrating National Toothbrush Day! Keep reading as our Garden City dentists share all you need to

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Tips on How to Enjoy Sweets from Your Family Dentist

With Halloween and the holidays approaching, indulging in a sweet treat or two is going to happen. This year, instead of worrying about whether or not your family dentist will find a cavity at your next check-up, check out our tips on how to enjoy sweets while maintaining good oral health! Brush Your Teeth The

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